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Depreciation Lands Museum

Flax Hackling        Spinning        Sewing

Pioneer Clothing and Fiber

A 2 hour program, for children in grades 4 thru adult

What did our early settlers wear? How did they get their clothing? What about their household linens, such as towels, blankets and bedding? Find out in this Program!

In this program YOU will prepare both linen and wool fiber, then try your hand at spinning and weaving! Thru demonstrations and LOTS of hands on activities, you will gain a real appreciation for how clothing is created!

Beginning with a brief history of the Depreciation Lands, and how this area got an unusual name, we will then dress a mannequin in the everyday clothing of a settler, discussing each garment along the way. How did the settlers aquire these garments? They made them, of course, often raising the fiber and spinning and weaving the cloth. You will learn, hands-on, the process of how flax becomes linen fabric, and how sheep's wool is turned into yarn. Along the way you will come to appreciate anew the value of warm, useful clothing and household linens.

This program works well for scouts, homeschoolers, clubs, groups of friends, and small school classes. Groups of 8-15 children can be accomodated (a few more adults are fine)

(Program offered year-round)

Fees: $10 per person; 1 adult chaperone per 4 children at no charge.

For more information and to schedule your program,
e-mail us at DLMuseum@gmail.com or call the Museum at 412-486-0563 to leave a message.

After scheduling your program, you may register on-line to pay with a credit card

***Registrations must be received within 2 weeks of scheduling your program and at least 2 weeks prior to your program date***

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