Depreciation Lands Museum

Group Events

    -- Available Year-round --

The Depreciation Lands Museum offers a variety of programs designed for groups of various ages, from elementary children thru adults. Our engageing hands-on presentation is perfect for small School groups, Homeschoolers, Scouts, adults, and families. You will find programs which inspire an interest in our history and early life. Coordination between the teacher or group leader and the museum can make a visit to the museum an integral part of the learning experience.

All of the programs must be booked in advance and generally accept between 8 and 15 participants

FOR MORE INFORMATION and to schedule an event, please contact the museum at or phone and leave a message at 412-486-0563 to select a date for your program.

Note: Completed registrations and a 50% deposit must be received within 2 weeks of booking your program, and at least 2 weeks prior to your program.

Tour Guide      Interactive Guided Tour, for all ages

Enjoy an Interactive guided tour of Talley Cavey village. Available on Sundays, May thru October Learn more....

Pioneer girls      Living in History as a Pioneer, for grades 2 thru 5

This program gives children the opportunity to live for a few hours as children of early settlers, in 1790's. Learn more....

Carding wool      Pioneer Clothing and Fiber, for grades 4 thru adult

Participants will learn about the clothing worn by the settlers, and, hands on, how it was produced, starting with sheep wool and flax fiber. Learn more....

Spinning      Learn to Spin with a Drop Spindle, for grades 4 thru adult

In this 2 hour class, participants will learn to spin sheep wool into yarn using a Drop Spindle. Learn more....