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Historic Music at the Museum

The Depreciation Lands Museum offers live music of the 18th century at many of the events throughout the year. Music serves to enhance and further evoke the aura of stepping back in time. A variety of local musicians are eagerly welcomed to our little village of Talley Cavey through out the year.

Friendship Day features concerts by the Pittsburgh Historical Music Society, and the beautiful four-part vocal harmonies of the Pittsburgh Shape Note singers, lead by Penny Anderson. Early 19th century Hymn books, such as the "Sacred Harp" used notes in four different shapes to indicate the pitch to be sung.

Shape Notes   Sacred Harp

Ice Cream Social features entertainment by the Wayward Companions and their historical music.

Hydref features a wide variety of musical groups through out the day

American Recorder Society, Pgh chapter Recorder Ensemble

Celtic Ceol, music and dance with Celtic orgins

Strolling Musicians, Josh and Melinda Jamron

DLM's own Harmonium played by Kathy Csellar

Gathering Waters traditional music and dance of our area

Lantern Tours features the cheerful traditional music of Josh and Melinda Jamron, in the Tavern.

A Fall Feast features the entertaining Tavern Music by the Wayward Companions

The DLM sponsors the Pittsburgh Historical Music Society, which rehearses and performs at the Depreciation Lands Museum. The group also performs at the Woodville Plantation and other historical venues. The Society is dedicated to performing music of the 18th and early 19th centuries, in beautiful historic dress, using period appropriate instruments. Membership is open to all interested adults and older teens.

For information about scheduling a musical performance for your group - or - having your group perform at DLM, please e-mail the Museum or call 412-486-0563 and leave a message.

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