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Depreciation Lands Museum

Cooking Classes!
Open Hearth Cooking Class

Saturday, April 21, 10am - 4pm

*** Pre-paid Registration Required ***

Cooking over an open fire? Of course!

In April, you have the chance to learn how to make a terrific meal over an open fire! While today's meal will focus on 18th century foods, what you learn can be applied to any era. Beginning with the making of the fire, you will be expertly guided to prepare the mid-day meal, recalling the days when the fireplace served as both heat for the home and the center of the kitchen. Cooking at the hearth is not limited to stew and soup! You will make breads, meat dishes and, of course, desserts! The day is completed by sharing the meal you have prepared.

For more information e-mail DLMuseum@gmail.com or leave a message at 412-486-0563.

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