Depreciation Lands Museum

Family Lantern Tours

Saturday, October 20 & 27, Tours ongoing from 6pm-9:00pm

Enjoy a family friendly guided tour of the Museum and cemetery by lantern light.

You will be treated to Tall tales, superstitions and customs from the past.

Have you met Auntie Greenleaf? or heard of a hoopsnake? You never know what tales you will encounter during Lantern Tours! You will meet residents in every building and hear their tales, finishing with a tour through the cemetery. Then head to the Deacon's Tavern for hot cider and cookies, and, just possibly, a bit more entertainment.

The Deacon, our resident, benevolent ghost, just may be out this night also. If you catch a glimpse of him, be sure to mark the location on the map in the Tavern.

Arrive anytime between 6pm and 9pm (no reservations). Tours depart every 10 minutes; allow 1 hour for your tour. Tours continue reagardless of weather.

-- Enjoyed most by adults and children 7 and older --

NOTE: The last tour departs at 9:00pm.

Admission: $5/adult, $3/children under 12

For more information, please e-mail the Museum or call 412-486-0563 and leave a message.