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Depreciation Lands Museum


Weaving Classes

-- for Adults and Teens --

** Pre-paid Registration Required **

Weaving on Harness Looms, for the Very Beginner

Saturday, March 2, 9am - 4pm

Exploring Weave Structures on Harness Looms

Saturday, March 23, 9am-4pm

Have you ever watched in fascination as cloth magically emerged under a weaver's hand? Perhaps you have watched a weaver at work at a museum or fair. Perhaps you have been lucky enough to acquire a loom of your own, and would like to know how to use it! Perhaps, like me, you have somehow, just always wanted to weave and create your own fabric arts.

These day-long, hands-on classes are presented by the talented weavers of the Butler Spinners and Weavers Guild , as part of their Community Outreach program, in conjunction with the Depreciation Lands Museum. Here is the perfect opportunity to try your hand and begin weaving!

The Weaving on Harness Looms, for Beginners is an intensive class where you will experience all the steps needed from the beginning of the conceptual design and planning of a project, to the actual production of a piece of woven cloth. Focusing on the multi-harness loom, you will learn about its parts, and the vocabulary of the loom, with the many colorful names which evoke the early days of weaving. Both floor looms and the smaller, powerful, table looms will be discussed and used. We will also talk about the best use of each type of loom. You will then learn how to plan a project and measure the warp threads. After lunch, which is provided, we will break into small groups, and you will warp a table loom, using the "front to back" method, then weave a small sample piece of cloth, which will be yours to keep.

We will also talk about the books, videos and magazines which are full of ideas and teaching aides for the new weaver, as well as how to acquire a loom of your own.

Exploring Weave Structures is for those students who have some experience weaving on multi harness looms. This class will focus on the different types of weave structures and more complicated weaving drafts. Using both floor looms and table looms, you will discover the wide variety of patterns that can be woven on a 4-harness loom.

This year, we will explore Clasped Weft, Summer & Winter, and more of the endless variations of Twill structures.

**The minimum pre-requisite for the Weave Structures class is to be very comfortable weaving plain weave and to be able to read a weaving draft. Additional experience weaving with a 4 or 8 harness loom and weaving twills is helpful.

In this town where weaving shops are non-existant, this is THE opportunity to begin weaving!

NOTE: Pre-paid registration is required for these Classes, and class sizes are limited.

The fee ($30/Beginner class, $40/Intermediate class) covers the use of looms, tools, all materials and the lunch. ( Discounts available to BSWG and DLM members)

The classes are appropriate for adults and teens.

Register ON-LINE here

For more information e-mail DLMuseum@gmail.com or call 412-486-0563</p>

The Butler Spinners and Weavers Guild is a wonderful, friendly group of people, brought together by their love of fiber, spinning and weaving. Old and young, very beginners and experts, all love to share and teach. Please visit their website and join them as their guest at the next Guild meeting.

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