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Depreciation Lands Museum

Spinning with the Great Wheel

Spinning Wheels: Great & Small!

September 8, 1-4 pm

A gathering of Wheels! All Spinners, bring your wheels and join us!

Visitors young and old - come watch and try your hand at this traditional skill!

Gather 'round as the locals and visitors in Talley Cavey Village bring their Spinning Wheels to spin wool yarn and linen thread!

Great Wheels, also called Wool Wheels or Walking Wheels are familiar to most of us as decorative items, but rarely are they used for their original intended purpose: to spin wool yarn. More familiar, are the small Flax wheels, now used to spin all fibers. Today we will gather everyone who spins for a Gathering like you have never seen! Join us! See these wheels in actions! Have a try at this 18th century everyday skill!

Do you spin with a Wheel, Great or Small? Please bring it along to our gathering and spin with us! Even if you don't spin, bring your wheel to the Gathering!

Today we take clothing, fabrics and yarns for granted. Until the mid 19th century all yarn had to be spun by hand on a spinning wheel. The small portable wheels we generally see demonstrated today were traditionally used to spin flax into linen thread. The large Great Wheel was the wheel of choice for spinning wool yarns.

As always, you will find our village bustling with residents carrying on their everyday lives. Attend school, visit the blacksmith, and stop in to see what is happening in the log cabin. There will be plenty for all to keep busy today!

Admission: Free when accompanied by a spinning wheel, $5/adults, $3/children under 12, DLMA members free

For more information e-mail DLMuseum@gmail.com or call 412-486-0563 and leave a message.

Great Wheel Spindle      Drafting the wool

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